iPhone App of the Week: Send Some Ink Cards This Holiday Season

Do you like the idea of sending physical greeting cards, but not the idea of heading to the Hallmark store for the predictable mushy tripe that gets churned out there? This year, you have another alternative.

Ink is an app that lets you create your own greeting cards using a simple, streamlined interface. You can choose from simple color schemes, add a family picture (and add filters, if you wish), and enter your own personalized message.

Best of all, Ink handles the worst part of sending out holiday greeting cards – filling out envelopes and licking stamps. Using the app, you can add the desired recipient’s address, and Ink will handle the sending of the card themselves. You can also have the card sent to you first, if you wish. Either way, the cards arrive between three and seven days after you finish up the order using the app.

You can grab the Ink app for free. Each card will cost you $1.99, which is a bit less than most greeting cards you’re going to find in stores, too.

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