iPad App of the Week: After 30 Years, He-Man Still Has the Power

It’s the 30th Anniversary of He-Man, and you know what that means – it’s time to make some more money off of He-Man!

Mattel and Chillingo have joined forces to bring us He-Man: The Most Powerful Game in the Universe, a hack-and-slash platformer that cover 27 levels and seven realms of Eternia. Controls are kept simple, with tapping and slashing gestures used from attacks and running and jumping, respectively. Along the way, you’ll earn gems, which will unlock new moves, as well as other bonus content like artwork and special attacks. Gems are scarce enough to where you might have a hard time unlocking everything. So, how do you get more gems? Oh, I think you know.

In a move that would make Skeletor proud, gem packs can be purchased in-app, at $0.99, $2.99, $5.99, and $9.99 price points. The rainbow at the end of that rainstorm is that the core gameplay and all of the levels are, thankfully, included in the original purchase of the app – if you’re not a completionist, you won’t have any problem refraining from making in-app purchases with this one.

If you’re in need of a cheap nostalgia fix, there’s Castle Grayskull and Skeletor, which alone are worth the price of admission. The iTunes App Store currently has the power, selling He-Man: The Most Powerful Game in the Universe for $0.99.

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