Tech21 D3O Impact Band for iPhone 5 Review

What happened, Apple? No bumpers this time around? Thankfully Tech21 has been able to satisfy iPhone 5 bumper demand with something cooler and more protective. Tech21’s Impact Band for iPhone 5 is a translucent colored bumper that offers your brand new device a minimalistic design in a lightweight and protective package.

Tech21 attributes their knowledge of “impactology” and ruthless R&D towards an extremely protective bumper for iPhone 5. While the jury’s out whether it’s actually more protective than an Apple (iPhone 4/4S) bumper, Tech21 has a hidden weapon; a clear back faceplate. The removable back faceplate turns this Tech21 into a full case. The bumper is flexible enough to fit snugly with or without the faceplate. The Impact Band exceeds iPhone’s faces on all sides, so you don’t have to worry about scratches from laying iPhone on surfaces.

Apple’s Bumper had a plasticky feel and an appearance that wore and blackened in no time. The Tech21 Impact Band has a much more rubbery feel to it. It doesn’t look like it will discolor or wear nearly as easily as Apple’s. While the colored part of the casing is translucent there’s a narrow solid band running partially around the case which seemingly provides above average protection.

The Impact Band stretches over iPhone 5, it’s pretty easy. There are button overlays for the volume buttons and lock button. They’re all pretty stiff. There’s an easy access cutout for the lock button and a full sized cutout on the bottom of the case for access to speakers and ports. The clear back faceplate comes wrapped in plastic so you can ensure fingerprints don’t get trapped between iPhone and the case. There’s no adhesive, the impact band locks the faceplate in. There’s a large cutout for the camera/flash.

I personally found my iPhone 5 to look a lot snazzier and sleeker without the transparent protective faceplate. I’m sacrificing a little bit of protection and a slightly better fit to take a more minimalistic approach at protecting and accessorizing iPhone 5. The Tech21 Impact Band for iPhone 5 is definitely a fun case, plus it’s available in all sorts of colors. Tech21 makes it possible to show off iPhone 5 and its sexy new back, while providing pretty good protection. The Tech21 D3O Impact Band for iPhone 5 is currently available from Tech21.co.uk for $39.99. You can find it a bit cheaper on Amazon.com.

The Good: Snazzy Design, Colors, Translucent, Shows off iPhone’s Back, Light, Removable Rear Transparent Faceplate
The Bad: Looser Fit Without Back Faceplate, Stiff Buttons, Blue Not Yet Available

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