iPhone App of the Week: Pigs Fly in Bad Piggies

The next big game from Angry Birds maker Rovio is finally here. This week, Bad Piggies became available on the Mac App Store, iTunes App Store, and Google Play.

You can forget about slingshots and ruffled feathers in this game, though – the pigs are hogging the spotlight. Remember those trains and buses of wood, metal, and glass that you destroyed many times over in Angry Birds? This time, you’ll be building them.

Piggy Island is the evil secret island base that the Piggies call home, and where they draw up their nefarious egg-snatching plans. They had a handy map of where to find those eggs, but that map’s been torn up scattered across the island. You’ll build all kinds of contraptions to carry the Piggies through each level in order to get the map piece.

Each level will have three objectives, corresponding to the three star scoring system at the end of each level. Usually, the three objectives will be to get the pig(s) to the map piece and pick up a star box along the way, plus one challenge objective (for example, keeping the contraption intact, or not using certain kinds of pieces during the building process).

You’ll get boxes, fans, umbrellas, rockets, and a whole bunch of other pieces to play around with. In each level, you’ll be allotted a certain number of pieces and a general shape (3 boxes x 2 boxes), and then it’ll be up to you. If you get stuck, a mechanic can come in to help build the right machine, but like the Mighty Eagle, he’s not free. Either way, during the level, you’ll need to do some finger work to keep your Piggy transport moving along. Another difference – some levels will require multiple playthroughs in order to complete all the challenges and collect all the secret items.

There are a couple main chapters to play through, plus the sandbox, which gives you huge levels to explore, with plenty of challenges to conquer and star boxes to collect. Hidden skulls take the place of golden eggs, and unlock secret items in the sandbox and a whole other sandbox level.

There is one thing it has in common with Angry Birds – it’s really, really addictive. Also, the Piggies get their own infectious jingle, so that’s cool, too. You can get addicted all over again by heading over to the iTunes App Store and throwing down $0.99.

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