iPhone Controlled Bug is Begging to Get Stomped On

You’re definitely going to want to be careful with these little guys, or this is going to end up being the shortest-lived $40 of your life.

The remote controlled insects from iHelicopters will provide you with a whole new way to scare the daylights out of whoever you live with, again, as long as said people aren’t the type to stomp on bugs instinctively. If they aren’t, you can bug them with either the beetle or the bug versions, the latter of which looks a little like a cross between a locust and a cockroach. They’ll be sure to plague your victims’ nightmares.

Being from iHelicopters, these won’t be coming with a remote. Your iOS device will be the remote, using the free iRobot app. You will receive an IR transmitter along with the bug, which will handle communication between the two devices. Using your iOS device, you’ll be able to control the bug using touch controls, or by moving the device around and using the accelerometer to guide the bug. The life span of bugs are notoriously short, and these guys are no different – you’ll only be getting 20 minutes to crawl around per charge.

Both kinds of bugs are selling from iHelicopters for about $40.

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