iSkin Aura iPhone 5 Case Review

Who’s looking for a sleek iPhone 5 case? This is it. The shell of the iSkin Aura is thick enough to protect, while the overall width of iPhone+Case is the sleekest we’ve reviewed. Plus it rocks a very chic multi-material design available in various color schemes.

The iSkin Aura is a one-piece shell case that snaps right onto iPhone. Our biggest concern with the ultra-sleek cases is whether iPhones corners are covered. The Aura case just exceeds iPhone’s face, providing coverage over the sides and corners. iSkin calls this a front edge guard. It won’t be the most protective case when it comes to protecting the face, but it definitely provides a lot more protection than a naked iPhone.

There are button overlays for the volume buttons and an accessible cutout for the the vibrate toggle. The volume overlays are a bit stuff, but still nice to have. The top and bottom of the case is fully exposed for complete access to speakers, ports, and the lock button.

We haven’t been able to determine if its a feature or design cue, but on each side of the bottom of the case is two small holes which could be intended for a carrying cord. There’s no cord included, but it could be a really neat feature that adds a lot of value. Be careful though!

On the back of the case is two panels of alternate colored brushed aluminum, a very classy touch. The aluminum falls flat with the case and has a really nice feel to it. There’s a grip that runs around the sides that’s almost indistinguishable from the rest of the case. Upon close inspection you’ll realize it’s raised, grippy, and comfortable. Unfortunately this side grip can discolor and collect dirt in the grooves.

As an ultra-slim case with decent protection and an awesomely unique design, the iSkin Aura is yet another great solution for promoting the safety and individuality of your iPhone 5. Also, we’re suckers for anything with brushed metal. One of our favorite things about the Aura is all the available color schemes; it’s pretty wild. Even for such a cool looking case, $39.99 is pricey. The iSkin Aura case for iPhone 5 is currently available from iSkin.com.

The Good: Ultra-Slim, Great Design, Color Options, Good Cutouts, Brushed Metal
The Bad: Brushed Metal Scratches, Side Bumper Wears and Collects Dirt, Pricier Than Average



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