Larklife is Your Fitness and Life Coach all Wrapped in a Bracelet

Well, two bracelets, actually. Larklife is a comprehensive fitness system, and before you roll your eyes about this being the umpteenth mobile fitness tracker to hit the market, yes, this one does manage to set itself apart in some way.

Specifically, Larklife turns focus away from specific, clear goals, in favor of offering small tweaks and suggestions on how to make small, step-by-step improvements to your daily life. It’s a philosophical shift based on failure – the idea that repeated failure to reach those lofty goals you might set for yourself with other fitness tracking systems might lead you to just give up on the pursuit altogether.

Larklife gets some science cred by being co-developed in part by a neuroeconomist from Stanford, a sleep coach for professional athletes, and a psychologist and sleep expert from Harvard. The whole system includes two wristbands and a free app, which, unfortunately, is only available on iOS. One wristband is being touted as more stylish, and is intended for daytime use, while the other is made from more comfortable fabric, and is intended to be worn while you sleep.

This fitness tracking system monitors the wearer’s diet, exercise, and sleep habits by using a core that can be swapped between bracelets. When worn, the bracelet will automatically track distance traveled, steps taken, and calories burned, and will be able to differentiate between walking and running. The sleep tracker analyzes sleep patterns and, over time, can pinpoint optimal waking times. That said, I don’t know about you, but I don’t know anyone who has the luxury of waking up at whenever the optimal time happens to be. I’m not sure how useful that aspect really is, in a practical sense.

Diet tracking is less impressive – this relies more on user input. You can log the fact that you ate a meal at a certain time by pressing a button on the bracelet, but that’s about it. To get a better overall sense of your diet, you’ll need to use the app to manually enter what kind of food you ate during that meal. The app will also provide the user with encouragement and small, easily attainable goals and lifestyle tweaks. The bracelets communicate with the app using Bluetooth 4.0.

The whole Larklife fitness system can be pre-ordered now for about $150.


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