Lazer Tag Blasters Wave 1 is Ready to Blast Away in November

The Lazer Tag Blasters we took a look at back in February are finally going to become available next month. The augmented reality spin on the old favorite turns laser tag into a single player showdown against all manner of virtual enemies, or a multiplayer free-for-all if you can get enough friends to buy in.

Using augmented reality, you can use the gun along with your iPhone or iPod Touch and a free app to do battle against all kinds of alien invaders. The smartphone’s screen will act as a sight for enemies and a heads-up display listing stats, like times hit and kills. The guns and the app work in much the same way when playing with other people – you’ll be able to access stats on your smartphone when connected to the gun, and will be able to see the laser beams you’re firing at your foes. There will also be augmented reality air support, and, if you manage to rack up enough kills, you’ll be able to call down airstrikes à la Call of Duty.

The obvious drawback is that the guns aren’t compatible with the iPhone 5, because of the connector switch. It’s possible the guns will work with the Lightning to 30-pin adapter, but it’s hard to say for sure. The Lazer Tag Blasters page on Entertainment Earth is mum about iPhone 5 compatibility, so the best thing to do is probably assume it’s a no-go.

You can buy the Lazer Tag Blasters Wave 1 Set now for $83, which will come with two blasters and iPhone and iPod Touch skins. The set will ship sometime in November.

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