Don’t Call the LEDMorpher a Plasma Ball

You can maybe call it a seizure, instead. I guess that makes it good for dancing to dubstep.

It’s also good for a pretty mesmerizing light show – the LEDMorpher definitely brightens the place up in ways plasma balls can’t even dream of. The globe contains LED lights on a propeller, which spins on two axes. The colors constantly change, and the speed with which the propeller gyrates and spins can be sped up and slowed down – never a dull moment.

Control is firmly in your hands, too. You can choose to just turn the LEDMorpher on and let it run by itself in 30 minute cycles, or have it react to the beat of music playing in the background. You can also turn it into the ultimate party toy – an included IR remote allows users to alter the speed, spin and color of the LEDMorpher’s lights. There will also be a free app available that will allow you to control the LEDMorpher using your smartphone or tablet.

LEDMorpher is currently in the funding phase on IndieGoGo. $75 as part of the early bird deal will net you one, with more generous contributions netting you an aluminum or carbon fiber stand in the deal, as well.

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