Ludacris SL100 On-Ear Headphones Review

These headphones are ludicrous! No wait, these headphones are brought to you by Ludacris! The Soul SL100 On-Ear headphones are the latest candidate for trendiest on-ear headset. This sleek set of cans delivers premium audio in a collapsable package compatible with iPhone and iOS devices.

In the Box:

  • Soul SL100 Headphones
  • Removable Audio Cable
  • Removable Audio Cable with ControlTalk
  • Zippered Travel Case
  • Microfiber Wipe

There’s a ton of on-ear headphones these days, so it’s refreshing to see the Souls with a distinguished look. The SL100’s are a flashy glossy orange/copper color. The design is super smooth, both in appearance and feel. They’re on-ear headphones with round earcups roughly the size of a large ear. They rock the popular tri-folding design for easy collapseability and traveling.

Both of the included headphone cables are removable, thick, and flat with durable plugs. They do a great job of staying anti-tangle. One cable has an inline ControlTalk which is located about 5 inches from the left earcup. It has a microphone, volume buttons, and a universal button capable of controlling music, phone calls, and voice activation features. While these features are all compatible with iPhone and iOS devices, some features will probably work with most Android phones. The buttons and microphone work perfectly.

Though the Souls have a plastic exterior, they feel a lot more durable then most headphones in their class. The build is quite sturdy and the metal hinges and metal headband slide feel like they’ll withstand the test of time. The Soul SL100s have a padded headband and donut shaped cushioned earcups. They’re extremely comfortable…at first. I found them to apply an uncomfortable amount of pressure (for my large head) after an hour, sometimes less. Hopefully they’ll loosen up over time.

I would wear the Souls for days at a time if I could. They make all of my music sound marvelous. The audio quality is fantastic, detailed and clear. They’re well balanced and not skewed towards an annoyingly bassy experience (we’re looking at you Dr. Dre). The bass compliments the mids and highs perfectly. The mids are very full and the highs get very detailed. The SL100’s create a great soundstage. With the Souls, rap and hiphop sound great, and every other genre sounds just as good. I personally loved the Souls with any type of acoustic music. I love being able to clearly hear each individual instrument. High bitrate audio (256kbps and up) will sound like you’re in the studio with the artists, lower bitrate (192kbps and lower) is hit or miss depending on the genre and recording.

If you haven’t spent much time with high-end headphones (or you’ve been using Beats by Dre) you will be extremely impressed with the Soul SL100BO. They retail for $149.95, which is a fair price, but you can get the SL100BO (copper-color) for as low as $91.75 from Amazon.com if you’re okay with a different color. After listening to the Soul SL100 you will wonder how some people can spend nearly twice the amount on Solo Beats which don’t even compare in audio quality.

The Good: Neat design, fantastic audio quality, collapsable, Inline ControlTalk+Mic, two cables included, carrying case with carabiner.

The Bad: Gets uncomfortable very quickly…

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