Marshall Headphones Major 50 FX Celebrates 50 Years of the Amp


Marshall is continuing their 50th anniversary celebration with another set of headphones – ones that glitter with gold.

The Major 50 FX headphones are geared for big sound, with the tech inside receiving a boost for the previous Marshall Major headphones. More importantly, it’s the amp maker’s golden anniversary, and that means each headphone is getting a touch of gold. The outer ear caps are lined with gold, and the Marshall logo in the center of the caps is all in gold. The inner ear caps preserve the rich history of Marshall – fret detailing used in Marshall’s 50th anniversary line of amplifiers gives the headphones a unique sense of style.

The headband is made of vinyl, and features the inscription “London England 1962” – the birthplace and year of the Marshall amplifier brand. Back to today, the Major 50 FX headphones are Apple certified, and include an inline microphone and remote.

No word yet on when the Marshall Major 50 FX headphones will become available, or how much they will cost. If you’re interested, you can sign up to receive an email notifying you when the headphones become available.