Sculpteo Turns Minecraft’s 3D World Into Reality

Minecrafters at large are known to be passionate about their game, which gives players the freedom to build shelters from scratch out of whatever building blocks (literally) they can find. But, sometimes you might want to immortalize an especially accomplished shelter before it gets wrecked by a creeper. Now you can, and not just in digital form.

Using the Mineways app, players can select a 3D model from the map and have it 3D printed courtesy of Sculpteo, the company currently spearheading the 3D printing movement. The result is what you see above – a faithful plastic representation of your finest Minecraft accomplishments. On the site, you can browse models of especially impressive models for sale.

Using the app, you can submit your own model to be printed and mailed to you. Depending on the size of your model, ordering a 3D print of your Minecraft model can be anywhere from $5 to $500, depending on size.

Via Sculpteo Blog