Sharing is Not Only Caring, But Scores You 1GB of Data From NetZero

NetZero is promoting their 4G Mobile Broadband Wireless service by sharing the wealth over Facebook – and encouraging you to do the same.

You can head over to Facebook now and sign up for the NetZero 4G Data Share Program. When you do, you won’t actually be getting any free data – your friends will. Signing up for the program puts a data bank full of 1 GB of free data every month on your profile, which your friends can partake in in 200 MB chunks. The idea is that you get all of your friends in on the act, and then claim some of the free data that shows up on their Facebook profiles.

Needless to say, there is a catch. In order for your friends to use that free data, or for you to use your friends’ free data, you’ll need a NetZero 4G Mobile Broadband subscription. The good news there is that you can sign up for the 200 MB per month plan, which is currently free. Get enough friends to share data with, and you might just be able to enjoy free mobile 4G for all of your devices. To use that connection, though, you will need either a NetZero 4G Stick or a NetZero 4G Hotspot, which are discounted for the month of October, and are selling for $25 and $50, respectively. The stick supports one device with a standard USB port, while the hotspot supports up to eight devices wirelessly.

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