Obama and Mitt Romney Get Their Play-Doh On

Before you eagerly watch tonight’s presidential debate and leave with a crippling sense of ennui, check out something you actually haven’t seen before – presidential busts. Not just any busts, mind you – busts made entirely out of Play-Doh. That’s the kind of change we can all get behind.

Play-Doh recently held a competition at the Rhode Island School of Design, offering a $5,000 tuition stipend to the student who was able to make the best busts of this year’s two presidential candidates, Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, using only America’s finest artistic medium, Play-Doh. Ian Williams, a 21-year-old fourth year student, did just that, producing two remarkably detailed sculptures. And he built that all by himself!

Williams is now the first ever Official Play-Doh Artist, a title I would assume would rank right up there in prestige with the United States Poet Laureate. Now, enjoy those busts – they’ll probably seem fresher and more innovative than anything the candidates will say tonight.

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