Native Union Pop Phone Pops its Cherry and Goes Wireless

You have to love it when tech chugs so far along that the retro products start moving into the future, too.

The Native Union POP phone, designed to look like old landline Bakelite handsets, has received an update, cutting the coiled cord and going wireless. The previous iteration featured a retro handset with that familiar coiled cord, which connected to mobile or otherwise devices via the 3.5 mm headphone jack.

The POP BT rids itself of the cord, allowing the handset to be connected to any device via Bluetooth. The wireless handset will work when used within 10 meters of the Bluetooth-connected device.

The same retro look and wide selection of colors is still there – the POP BT will be available in red, jet black, neon pink, neon green and high-gloss blanc, among others. You can travel back to the past, then into the future again, for about $50 off the Native Union website.

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