A Rocket Lamp Only David Bowie Could Love

Looks like this spaceship knows which way to go – straight into your house.

Take your protein pills, put your helmet on, and head over to Etsy, where you can find these two space age style lamps, described simultaneously as retro, atomic modern, space age, steampunk, and art deco. Maybe the most surprising part is that, unlike the usual Etsy offering, most of those titles look like they’ve been legitimately applied. The lamps do have a certain ’60s charm, along with rich color schemes that look like they fell out of a southwestern desert (and, in fact, they did – the artisans behind the lamps hail from Arizona).

The rocket lamp has a wooden body with brass legs and was handpainted with brushes and acrylic paint, which, at least from the picture, looks like it was no easy task. The one you see below is made of copper, steel, and brass. The lampshade is sold separately, but you might want to take a look at the retro beacon-style tube bulb pictured on the site – that bulb, uncovered by a lampshade, looks like it fits the aesthetic of the lamp better than any lampshade would.

These space oddities don’t come cheap, though. There’s only one rocket lamp available, and it’s going for $347. There’s only one of the lamp pictured below, too, and it’s selling for $200.

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