Seidio Active Samsung Galaxy S III Case Review

The Active Samsung Galaxy S III case from Seidio is sleek, attractive, and accomplishes the goals of providing protection without sacrificing too much style. Rather than feeling heavy and bulky, the innocase active is pretty lightweight, giving the S III a refreshingly compact feel.

The Active is actually made of two layers – a soft silicone interior and an exterior they call the ‘exoskeleton’ that is made from an impact absorbing polymer that locks over the back of the phone at several key points (in an ‘arachnid’ design). Everything fits snugly together with a surprising amount of padding all around the edges of the phone.

Along with the actual case, there is the added protection of a holster that has a felt interior lining to protect the phone. It has a spring clip at the top for holding the phone in place and it can be worn vertically or horizontally. The case leaves the areas for USB, camera, speaker, mic, and headphones open, and has built in areas for the power and volume buttons.


The most satisfying aspect of the Active for the Samsung Galaxy S III is how cleanly all the pieces fit together. More than anything, it is a well made case with an attention to detail that feels good in your hand and is suitable for day-to-day use and offers ample protection. The case is available in a choice of Black, Glossed White, Garnet Red, Amethyst, Royal Blue, and Sage, starting at around $24.95, without the holster.

The Good: The interior case has grooves along the sides for extra grip – so even though it has an extra-smooth feel to it, the case won’t slip from your fingers. The case provides good protection – especially when placed in the holster. Even when placed in the holster, the main outlets are still easily accessible. Placing your S III in the holster and taking it out again is effortless, yet you still feel like it has a very solid grip on your phone. Both the case and the holster are not too bulky despite the amount of protection they offer.

The Bad: The case constantly attracts lint and it’s not easy to clean it off. Not suitable for intense outdoor use.

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