Seidio iPhone 5 Case with Metal Stand and Holster Review

iPhone 5’s got it all…well, almost. The Seido Active Case for iPhone 5 delivers the built-in kickstand that iPhone may never receive. In addition to a kickstand and snazzy design, the Seido Active offers supreme protection and an optional belt holster.

The Seidio Active is a two-piece case. The inner portion is a silicone form-fitting shell. The outer piece is an interlocking hard shell that covers the back and corners of iPhone 5. This outer shell features the spring-loaded metal kickstand.

You need a fingernail, but with a bit of pressure, the kickstand pops right out. It sticks to the case with a magnet, so it just takes a bit of force. Once the kickstand is extended you can prop iPhone at an angled landscape orientation. Unfortunately it doesn’t work in a portrait upright mode.

We’re quite sure it’s called the Active because it’s capable of withstanding extremely active lifestyles. The two-piece design offers fantastic protection, but it also delivers a sweet two-tone appearance. The Active case exceeds iPhone’s face and covers all corners and sides. Aside from the screen, it offers all-around protection which should survive rough usage and the occasional drop.

The Active has rubberized button overlays for the lock and volume buttons. They work perfectly. There’s a nice sized cutout for the vibrate toggle too. The bottom of iPhone 5 is fully exposed for complete access to the ports, speaker, and mic, which we generally love. Unfortunately this leaves a small strip of silicone running across the case, which probably won’t survive the test of time. We veer away from all silicone cases as they easily pull from iPhone’s face and let dirt and dust in. The Active’s outer shell helps keep the silicone pressed against iPhone, but it’s still prone to letting dust and dirt in.

Personally, I’m not a belt-holster-kinda-guy, however as far as holsters go, Seidio’s is really nice. The inside is lined in a soft felt so you can safely store it face-in. If you want to show off your phone to the world, you can also clip iPhone in face-out. The actual clip swivels 180 degrees and is quite strong. The swivel is very stiff and will not disappoint. What really makes the holster so nice is the lock; there’s a lock on the top that automatically secures iPhone (with the Active case) in place. When pulled back, the lock functions as a release, popping iPhone out slightly for easy removal. To sum it up: iPhone’s easy to store, easy to remove, and very secure.

Once you go kickstand, it’s hard to go back. Besides, who really want to lay an iPhone on its surface? The Seidio Active is a very protective case that’s not especially bulky or hefty. In fact it’s no heavier or thicker than an iPhone 4/4S with case. The two-tone design looks super snazzy, and the outer shell has a really nice glimmer to it. Since the inner silicone can pull from the sides a bit, you should remember to take the case off and wipe down iPhone every once in a while. The Seidio Active Case for iPhone 5 is currently available in black, which, green, red, purple, or blue. It’s available as a stand-alone for from $18 to $23 on Amazon.com. The combo (case+holster) can be purchased for as little as $34.13 on Amazon.com.

The Good: Built-In Metal Kickstand, Two-Tone Appearance, Comfortable, Good Button Overlays, Great Holster
The Bad: Can’t Stand in Portrait, Inner Silicone Case Pulls from Sides, Need Fingernail to Pull Out Kickstand, Attracts Dust

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