Skullcandy Aviator Edit Custom Headphones Review

Have you been waiting for a pair of headphones that best suits your colorful persona? Stop waiting and customize your own Skullcandy Aviators with the Skullcandy Edit package. There’s a multitude of color options to choose from for the headband, frame, ear cups, and cord. Two weeks after customization you can be rocking out with these specially designed over-ear headphones.

In the Box:

  • Aviator Headphones
  • Removable Cord with ControlTalk
  • Travel Pouch

The Skullcandy Aviators are appropriately named for the retro-styling that will fabulously complement your aviator sunglasses. They’re collapsable over-ear headphones with a metal frame, leather/suede headband and plastic glossy earcups. They’re very light and pretty flexible, providing a comfortable fit. I have large ears and they just fit inside of the cushioned triangle earcups.

The included (customizable) cord is removable and features a ControlTalk + Mic located a few inches from the left earcup. It allows you to adjust volume, control music, make phone calls, and even activate voice functions and Siri. While compatibility will vary, the features all work perfectly with iOS devices. Most features should work fine on Android too. The actual cable seems a bit thin however it’s pretty good at not tangling.

Skullcandy has a knack for sneaking as many skulls onto their products as possible. The Aviators are much more toned down in this respect, making them more appealing to a wider audience. The most noticeable skull is the metallic skull no larger than a dime on the hinge of the headband. The cable plugs have skulls, and so does the inside of the ear cups, the carrying case, and the ControlTalk button.

The sophistication of custom headphone designing varies by company. The SkullCandy is able to ship a custom model home in just two weeks, which is extremely fast for this market. While it’s less customizable than other headphones we’ve reviewed, it does offer a lot of funky colors to best match your unique set of style. You can get an extra set of ear cups for a makeover down the line, or do what I did and alternate the right and left ear cup color. For now, the Aviator headphones are the only customizable model, but who knows what Skullcandy has in store for the future.

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The Aviators have a pretty durable build. It’s refreshing to see headphones that aren’t covered in plastic these days. Not only are they durable, but they’re light and flexible. They can get a bit tight after an hour or so of usage, but the metal band can probably be loosened up a bit. Both ear cups fold completely into the headband forming a headphone boomerang. Though the carrying case is a just a pouch, the Aviators should hold up well in most any traveling situation.

These fashionable headphones feature 40mm drivers and are supposed to deliver supreme sound with “Attacking Bass, Natural Vocals and Precision Highs”. While “attacking bass” may not be the best term, we were extremely fond of the bass. It’s perfectly in-balance and does justice to all genres. The low-end audio is by no means overdone. We also agree with “natural vocals”, the mids are detailed and strong. The highs were, in fact, precise and pretty clear. All in all, it’s a nicely balanced set of headphones. Higher bitrate MP3s (256kbps and up) generally sound fantastic while lower bitrate MP3s (192kbps and below) can sound pretty muddy and distorted depending on the recording. We were hoping the sound isolation would be a bit better considering the over-ear design. The Aviators are a lot more enjoyable in quiet environments. It’s hard to fully appreciate them on the street and subway, a lot of the detail is lost.

Custom headphones never come cheap (err…okay rarely*), and the Skullcandy Aviators are no exception. While it’s hard to put a price tag on true individuality, Skullcandy prices their custom Aviators $50 higher than the regular model, for a total price of $199.99. While these headphones are far from disappointing, and they sound fantastic, you could find headphones that sound as good for half of that. The only place to customize your very own “Edit” Aviators is Skullcandy.com, but it’s definitely worth taking a look at the current Aviator models because you can score a sweet pair on Amazon.com for as low as $127.95, a much more worthy price. Skullcandy Aviators include a lifetime warranty!

The Good: Customizable! Quick and free shipping, light, collapsible, included carrying case, removable cable with ControlTalk + Mic, nice audio, removable ear cup covers, and good build quality.

The Bad: Uncomfortable after a couple of hours and lower quality MP3s sound crummy. Pricey.

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