Speck SmartFlex View iPhone 5 Case Review

We love iPhone 5, but is it perfect? Not really. With the SmartFlex View Case, Speck bequeaths an important feature unto iPhone, the kickstand.. We’ve reviewed the same case for iPhone 4/4S, but now it’s lighter and sleeker with the same usability and protection.

The SmartFlex View has been reduced to a much more manageable size. It used to be a case that was noticeably thicker and bulkier than any other case, but now that they’ve had a year to improve and iPhone 5 is thinner and lighter. Speck delivers a case that’s really no thicker or bulkier than most other iPhone 5 cases.

You can usually count on Speck to build a protective case. The back of the case is ultra-durable and dense, the front has a raised perimeter that runs around iPhone 5’s screen. All corners and sides are protected.

There are raised button overlays for easy access to the volume and lock buttons. The lock buttons a bit stiffer than other Speck cases. There’s a cutout for the headphone and charging port, and the speaker and microphone have speaker holes. The mic and speaker seem to work just as well behind these holes.

On to the kickstand, the best part of the View case! The kickstand slides out of the back and folds up. With a bit of pressure it shoots back into the case by an internal spring. It’s a plastic kickstand, but it’s pretty durable. Our iPhone 4/4S model is still going strong. You can dock iPhone in landscape or portrait, with landscape being the more sturdy option. As great as it is for watching movies and facetiming, it’s equally as fabulous to just have iPhone docked upright on the desk for a quick and easy glance at updates.

The SmartFlex View for iPhone 5 is a much more viable case solution than the 4/4S version. It’s now a thin and relatively lightweight case that offers decent protection and solid durability. Even though the stand is all plastic, and may seem flimsy, it’s proven itself to hold up. Once you start using iPhone with a built-in stand, you won’t want to go back. Download a cool clock app and you have the ideal nightstand charging solution. The Speck SmartShell View for iPhone 5 is currently available in black with slate accents, or grape with lavender accents. It costs $34.95 from Speck.com or Amazon.com.

The Good: Built-In Stand, Docks Upright and Landscape, Protective, Durable
The Bad: Nothing Yet–Give Us More Colors!

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