Sony Gets Deep With New Budget Extra Bass Headphones

In case you’ve forgotten (and I wouldn’t blame you, given current trends), it’s still possible to get a decent set of headphones at a price that won’t put you into debt. Sony reminds us of that with their new Extra Bass Headphone Series.

The name pretty much gives it away – these headphones specialize in providing high-quality deep bass, using 13.5 mm drivers. The cushions on the ear cups are heavily padded and shouldn’t put too much pressure on the ears. The headphones feature swivel ear cups, which should allow everyone, especially DJs, to wear the headphones in whatever way is most comfortable or necessary for them. They also sport anti-tangle flat cords.

Of course, the best feature is the price. There are three members of the Extra Bass line – the MDR-XB800, MDR-XB600, and MDR-XB400, all of which will be available online and in Sony stores today for about $150, $100, and $60, respectively.

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