7 Geeky Must Haves From Target and Neiman Marcus Holiday Collection

This holiday season, Target and Neiman Marcus have a few special surprises for everyone. 50 of them, to be exact.

The Target and Neiman Marcus Holiday Collection offers an eclectic mix of gifts, which means that there’s a good chance there will be at least one thing on there that will end up on your wish list. Each item has been crafted by a different designer, so there’s no wanting for variety in style or substance here. You won’t be able to get your hands on anything until the collection hits stores on December 1, but you can get excited by taking a quick peek at a few of the highlights below. We don’t know whether or not the frenzy for these will be as intense as when Missoni hit Target, but it’s definitely in the realm of possibility.

Derek Lam Skateboard, $99.99

If you need a new board to carve up the city sidewalks, this one designed by Derek Lam might do the trick. The 31” Canadian Maple board features gold anodized nuts and bolts holding everything together. The red polyurethane wheels with white walls drive the Target crossover home pretty well, too.

Tory Burch Lunch Box, $19.99

So much for Superman and Wonder Woman. The Tory Burch Lunch Box is a high-class twist on the childhood staple. Superheroes have been eschewed in favor of a cool blue geometric pattern, along with a gold trim along the edges. There are a couple of surprises inside, too – anti-microbial lining so lunchtime doesn’t end in tears and trips to the bathroom, as well as a beverage container that fits in the lunch box snugly.

Skaist-Taylor Kids’ Hat, $39.99

Need something one part scarf, one part hat, and one part Where the Wild Things Are for the young ones? The Skaist-Taylor Kids’ Hat hits on all notes, adorning your kid in fake fur and undoubtedly making for many holiday photos that can be used to shame and/or blackmail them during their teenage years. Of course, there’s no reason why kids should have all the fun. Anyone who wants to take a walk on the wild side can suit up. Your dreams of being Tanooki Suit Mario are almost going to come true!

Band of Outsiders Cookie Cutters, $29.99 (set of 5)

It’s time to retire the old tree and star cookie cutters. They’ve had a good run. We live in zanier times now, times that demand cookies in the shape of hipster glasses and bow ties. In fact, with the Band of Outsiders Cookie Cutters, you can probably create your very own hipster gingerbread man, which is kind of a terrifying thought, now that it comes to me. At least your hipster gingerbread man will have stylish color accents thanks to the stampers that come with the five-piece set.

Alice + Olivia Bike, $499.99

A new bike under the tree (or beside the tree, or wherever it fits) has been a longstanding holiday classic. This one might be a little more expensive than most, but that’s the price of high fashion. The Alice + Olivia Bike, from designer Stacey Bendet, is a 10-speed bicycle with the essential basket hanging off the front. The lime-green accents will definitely establish the bike as yours, too – probably won’t need any help spotting this one when you’re out and about.

Proenza Schouler iPad Sleeve, $39.99

Target and Neiman Marcus didn’t totally forget about the tech crowd. They’re offering this Proenza Schouler iPad Sleeve, an abstract take on iPad fashion. The case is made of flexible but tough neoprene, and features a black leather-knot pull on the zipper for a few extra points in the style department. Just the thing to cram your brand new 4th generation iPad into.

Thom Browne Women’s Blazer, $129.99

Thom Browne, the designer behind this blazer, thinks the devil is in the details. His articles of clothing, including this women’s blazer, are made to be technically superior pieces of clothing, so you know that this one is going to be a great fit if you choose to don it. It doesn’t hurt that it looks stylish, either, with bold white lining contrasting with the dark navy blue blazer. The brass buttons make it look like this needs to be worn on a yacht somewhere.

Target + Neiman Marcus Holiday Collection

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