War of the Worlds Meets the iPad in this Antique Looking Dock

You’ll want to get a fire crackling and find an oldies station on the radio to properly enjoy this iPad Classic Cabinet Music Center. It’s OK – what the name lacks in creativity, the device itself more than makes up for in charm.

The ’50s era vibes from this music box are met with modern-day convenience – it comes stocked with a 30-pin connector for the iPad, a CD player, and an FM radio, with up to 20 presets. Of course, you can use your iPhone or iPod Touch with it too (excluding the iPhone 5, unless you have the Lightning adapter), but the cabinet is designed specifically for the shape and size of the iPad. You can keep the tablet tilted up or lay it flat on the cabinet so it doesn’t disrupt that nostalgic mahogany feel (although the bright blue digital display kinda does that, anyway).

Your own personal musical time machine is selling from Hammacher Schlemmer for about $150, and measures 12” x 19” x 9”.

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