There May Be No Gas in it, But the 2012 Hess Holiday Truck is Here

You might not be able to get gas at Hess every day right now, but you can get the annual holiday Hess Toy Truck, which just started showing up in stations across the East Coast.

The truck this year isn’t a truck at all – aptly, it’s a rescue helicopter, complete with working rotors, flashing lights and searchlights. A button opens up a cargo bay, which holds a small rescue truck with a pull-back motor, lights, and chrome detailing. For the first time this year, Hess is selling their annual holiday toy truck online, which is great for those on the West Coast (where Hess is not) and those who don’t really want to go to a Hess right now for fear of it being too crowded.

Fortunately, they won’t be rationing these guys. The 2012 Hess Helicopter and Rescue toy truck is available at Hess locations and online now for about $27.

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