2014 Ford Fiesta Gets MyFord Touch Improvements

The dirt’s not yet atop the grave of 2012, but it’s already time to start talking about things with 2014 in their name. Today, we have the 2014 Ford Fiesta, which is going to feature an updated version of Ford’s SYNC software, with the MyFord Touch UI. Infotainment should be getting even better.

The 2014 Ford Fiesta will have a new 6.5” color touch screen, which is a pretty hefty size increase over the current 4” screens. On the software side, the biggest improvement is to the speech recognition software, which is now advanced enough to understand slightly more natural language. In practice, this means you’ll just need to say fewer words to get your point across – saying “Play jazz” as opposed to “Play genre jazz,” for example.

Pairing a mobile device using Bluetooth will also be simpler, and navigation controls are also being tweaked for efficiency. Entering a destination address for example, will be a simpler process when the 2014 Ford Fiestas roll out.

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