BlackBerry App fo the Week: BlackBerry Scores New Foursquare Feature

Foursquare is opening up some of its features to everyone, without requiring a check-in or even a Foursquare account. It’s an update to the app that will likely make its way to all major mobile operating systems, but for now, it’s only for BlackBerry owners.

Foursquare Explore allows all users to search for locations nearby without signing in or checking in. Once they have found a place, they’ll will be able to browse pictures, tips, menus, and details about the places, also without requiring a log-in. That leaves only the stuff that really requires an account behind the sign-in wall – recommendations from friends, friends’ activity, and the all important mayorships and badges, because there’s no better joy in life than being named the mayor of your town’s Krispy Kreme.

The updated Foursquare app can be downloaded for free on BlackBerry App World.

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