Finally, Cheap Lightning Cables and Adapters Arrive

Value pricing isn’t exactly in Apple’s vocabulary. If that wasn’t clear from the cost of just about any Apple device ever, it’s definitely made clear by their accessories and adapters. Getting all the ones you need can get you up into the triple digits in a hurry.

Luckily, the tech world moves pretty quickly. Two months after we were introduced to Lightning, cheaper third party options have become available. Fasttech has a Lightning-to-USB cable for about $9.00, much cheaper than the $20 version Apple is selling on its store. Hopefully you don’t need a replacement for one of those yet, but if you do, they’re a lot more affordable now.

The other, more tantalizing highlight is the all-important Lightning-to-30-pin adapter, which is going for $9.50, which is way better than the $30 Apple is asking. A reasonable price makes the switch at least a little more palatable, even though the aftermarket version is no less bulky.

Fasttech is also selling cheaper versions of Lightning-to-Micro USB and Lightning-to-car charger adapters and cords. Beats breaking the bank at the Apple store (again).

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