Conan Spoofs iPad Mini with the iPad Mini Mega Micro

Spoof, or glimpse into the future? Time will tell.

Conan O’Brien was hard at work giving Apple its next revolutionary idea, the iPad Mini Mega Micro. That would be the follow up to the no doubt breathtakingly successful iPad Mini Mega, which caters to that very finicky 8.8” tablet crowd, for those who love the combined inconvenience of a smaller screen without the pocketability. Is that a real niche, by the way? I don’t even know, the line between comedy and reality is getting way too blurry.

Ever the innovators, Conan’s Apple managed to top even that, with the iPad Mini Mega Micro, the 8.4” wonder. Apple would sell millions just on the power of the alliterative name. I can see it now – the iPad Triple M, the hottest holiday gift of 2017. If that’s not good enough, the spoof also offers the iPad Mini Mega Micro Max, a remarkably forward-thinking development in its own right. It’s also the same size as the iPad Mini Mega, but, you know, details.

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