Cushi Band Bumper Case for iPhone 5 Review

There’s no telling why Apple gave up on the official bumper case, leaving iPhone 5 in the dust. Lucky for us there’s ID America with the ever-so colorful selection of affordable and protective iPhone 5 bumpers.

The ID America Cushi Band is very similar to Apple’s bumper case; it stretches over iPhone covering all sides and exceeding the faces enough to add a bit of protection to the front and back of iPhone. Running all the way around the center of the Cushi Band is a clear (or solid) tough plastic. On the sides of that is a rubbery colored TPU material that covers the perimeter of both faces.

Like Apple’s bumper, the Cushi Band has metallic button overlays that make it easy to press the lock and volume buttons. There’s a cutout for the vibrate toggle that’s a bit small, but still accessible. On the bottom of the case are three separate cutouts for the speaker, mic, and dock connector. The headphone cutout doesn’t have plastic reinforcing the cutout, which means the stretchy rubber will stretch to accommodate any headphone plug.

The Cushi Band is light and very comfortable to hold in-hand. Best of all, you get to show off iPhone 5’s sexy new back! It offers a pretty good fit and doesn’t easily pull from the sides. Even without a back cover, the drop protection is probably on par with most cases. You can lay iPhone on either side and it’s face won’t make contact with the surface.

At just $10 it’s hard to complain about anything! The only thing we noticed is on the clear model is the color of the case leaks into the clear portion of the case, making the design job a bit messy. But again, we’re just happy to have an awesome and usable bumper case at a price affordable enough to buy three different colors and accessorize. The ID America Cushi Band bumper case for iPhone 5 is currently available from idAmericany.com in 8 colors, clear or solid.

The Good: Bumper!, Light, Comfortable, Fun Colors, Button Overlays, Shows off back of phone, Minimalistic, Affordable
The Bad: Color leaked onto transparent portion of case, Small vibrate toggle cutout

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