DOXIE One is the One Device You Need for All Your Receipts

Going paperless just got a lot easier with the DOXIE One, from Apparent. It checks pretty much every box – it’s small, light, inexpensive, works fast, and can upload to devices or cloud storage instantly.

The DOXIE One is a tiny device – described as the size of an empty roll of paper towels – and can work independently from a computer. Storage is handled by a 2 GB SD card, and when you’re ready to get those images onto a device, you have options. You can connect the DOXIE One to an Apple device by 30-pin connector or Lightning (with an adapter sold separately) or to any PC. Files can be saved as searchable PDFs before being uploaded to the cloud or stored locally. The DOXIE app that handles the files is integrated with Dropbox, Evernote, and iMessage, for easy cloud storage and sharing.

An adapter is required to sync with Lightning devices, unfortunately, so you’ll have to bear that as an extra cost if you’re an early adopter of the iPhone 5, 4th generation iPad, or the iPad Mini. There are also color skins (for a scanner?) and a carrying case available if you’re willing to part ways with a little more cash. Rechargeable batteries might be the best extra offering, making your new pint-sized scanner truly mobile. The DOXIE One itself comes with a reasonable enough price tag for a scanner – $149.

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