Dyson DC41 Animal Comes Complete with New Tangle-free Turbine Tool

This new vacuum looks to go wild in your home – the way Dyson makes it out, this thing looks like it should be the vacuum onboard the USS Enterprise.

The centerpiece is Radial Root Cyclone technology, which prevents the vacuum’s airflow from being clogged up by dust, keeping suction strong. The head also moves up and down dynamically with the surface, staying low to the ground and maximizing suction that way, too. Emptying the dust bin is quick and easy (as quick and easy as that can be, anyway).

The stars of the show might be the attachments, though. There’s a multi-angle brush, designed for high-up surfaces like fan blades and the tops of refrigerators and bookcases. Granted, you’re probably still going to have to get up on a chair to check your work, but at least you can do the bulk of the work without standing on your toes on top of a chair trying to capture that last bit of dirt, because death by over-zealous vacuuming would have to be one of the worst ways to go.

There’s a soft dusting brush for delicate surfaces that might get scratched by normal vacuum bristles, and its counterpart, the stiff bristle brush, which scrubs away entrenched carpet dirt and the like. Lastly, there’s the master of the bathroom, the tangle-free turbine tool we looked at a while back, which sucks up hair while cutting down on the amount of hair getting stuck in the brushes.

It’s an aptly named vacuum cleaner, but the price is going to want to make you run for your old, beat-up vacuum with the hoses held together by duct tape – the Dyson DC41 Animal is going for about $650.

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