Wiz Khalifa and the Hoff Rock Monster’s Headphones at EMA Awards

When Monster first announced that they would be partnering up with Viacom to market their new DNA Headphones, you knew you were going to be seeing a lot of the things pop up on television.

The Monster DNA Headphones‘ latest appearance was at the European Music Awards, hosted by MTV in Frankfurt, Germany on Sunday. Germany’s foremost cultural ambassador, the Hoff, was hard at work posing with the new triangle-shaped headphones. He was joined by rapper Wiz Khalifa, Isabeli Fontana, and Anne Vyalitsyna, the latter two being models from Brazil and Russia, respectively. Not exactly the heaviest of hitters there (with apologies to the Hoff, but the ’80s this is not), but they were probably able to add enough glamour to the headphones to move more than a few units.

That means somewhere, someone got a pretty solid set of headphones, while the B-listers made a little cash on the side and Monster raked in more business. Sounds like there were winners all around in Frankfurt this week.

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