Windows 8 App of the Week: Fresh Paint, the Microsoft Paint Alternative

Fresh Paint is the first attempt in a long, long time to liven up the idea of Microsoft Paint. Fresh Paint is a completely new app, though, with a totally different take on art on the computer.

Microsoft Paint, today, is mainly the refuge of those too lazy to use Photoshop to make some sort of joke image for any number of forums or message boards. Fresh Paint is a little more high-minded, with a focus on paint. As in, the actual medium. Microsoft’s team was dedicated to getting this right, too – even going so far as to consult with experts from MoMA during the development of the app.

When you make brush strokes with Fresh Paint, the result approximates the effect you would get if you used paint and a paintbrush on canvas in the real world. Using the virtual palette in the top right, you can even mix colors like you would if you were emulating Bob Ross. Only paintbrush tools are available, so it’s very much a freehand, natural way to create art. Thanks to touchscreen controls on many Windows 8 devices, it could very well be the future of fingerpainting, too.

Fresh Paint is available on the Windows Store for free.


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