Globalgig Announces Affordable International Mobile Hotspot

Globalgig is a new service offering mobile data using a small hotspot device. The pricing schedule is as follows – 1 GB for $25, 3 GB for $39, and 5 GB for $49.

If that sounds uninspiring, consider this – those prices are for international data.

Globalgig looks like it might be a must for anyone traveling abroad with a smartphone or a tablet. Once you buy the mobile wireless hotspot from Voiamo, the company behind Globalgig, you can access data while abroad, based on the prices listed above. Globalgig will come without a contract, too, so you can pay for it only as you need it.

The only drawback right now is that Globalgig’s service can only be accessed while in the U.S., the U.K., or Australia, though Voiamo does have plans to expand into Europe and Asia sometime in the coming year. In the meanwhile, the company has partnered with Sprint to use their data network in the U.S., and Three to use their networks abroad.

For reference, Verizon charges $25 per month for 100 MB of data, while AT&T offers tiered plans – $30 per month for 120 MB, $60 per month for 300 MB, and $120 per month for 800 MB, charging $30 for every 120 MB you go over the limit. So, it’ll be nice to see Globalgig expand – if you plan on needing a lot of data while abroad, Globalgig looks like a good choice, even with the $119 initial cost for the Globalgig mobile hotspot device. We’ll have a full review up soon of Globalgig.

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