Gresso Intros The Superman of Cell Phones, the Regal Titanium

If the other precious metal-adorned cell phones coming out of Gresso weren’t to your taste, maybe the Regal Titanium will be more your speed.

The phone boasts the natural silver color of titanium, and the casing is etched out of a single solid chunk of the metal. The front and back feature tempered, tinted glass, while the keypad buttons are cut from steel and hand-polished.

There are also the natural advantages to having something made mostly of titanium – it’s lightweight and very durable. As you can see from the picture below, it can withstand heavy weights, and it’ll hold up well to falls without denting. It also resists allergic reactions, according to the description, which is great, because I can imagine that having a phone that gives you an allergic reaction would sure be inconvenient.

But, Gresso claims that titanium has exceeded gold as the best precious metal, and that translates when it comes to pricing. There will only by 333 of this limited edition set, and each phone will be selling for an outlandish $4,500. That’s an awful lot for a phone that runs Symbian.


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