Try Not to Stab Your iPad While Chopping on this Cutting Board

Because knives and expensive gadgets are always a great combination, we have this cutting board from Chef Sleeve.

The wooden cutting board acts as a stand for the iPad, and that’s about it. It’s dishwasher-safe, so there are no electronics on the board – you won’t be using it as a charging dock. Instead, you can just stand up your iPad on your cutting board, which I guess could be useful if you needed to never, ever take your eyes off of the recipe you’re following for any reason.

The board also features non-slip feet, and a juice groove that in theory will prevent your iPad from getting wet, but I really, really doubt it’s going to do that in practice with a 100 percent success rate. It’s definitely not going to protect against splashes. You’ll probably need extra protection for your iPad if you actually want to use this thing.

The Cutting Board with iPad Stand is selling from Chef Sleeve for about $70.

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