iPad Mini Review and 11 First Impressions

I love the iPad, but as iconic a tablet as it is, the device is just too heavy for my taste. I travel a lot and because of its weight, it’s difficult to justify carrying it along side my laptop. So like many others, I have been waiting for an iPad Mini to arrive for a long time. Now after spending sometime with prodigal child, I’m ready to share my thoughts on the device.

Here Are My First Impressions of the iPad Mini:

  1. Wow, it’s practically light enough to replace an ebook reader!
  2. Again, we really love the form-factor. We have been waiting for a smaller iPad for a long time – this is perfect for frequent travelers.
  3. Display colors are pretty vivid, but the display isn’t bright enough for my taste.
  4. The low 1028×768 resolution is such a shame. Most users will be fine with the low res display, but for someone who is display sensitive, it irritates us that at this price, they couldn’t include a retina display.
  5. Unlike with the iPad 4, you can type on the iPad Mini comfortably when holding it in portrait mode with two hands.
  6. Battery life seems significantly better than the iPad 3.
  7. Performance is adequate, but you can tell that its just not as peppy as the larger iPad 4. So if your priority is gaming, go with the bigger iPad. But if you’re a traveler, stick with the Mini, your back will thank you.
  8. iOS still has the best selection of tablet apps, you can’t really argue with that.
  9. So many nice cases have been already announced for the Mini, and we’ll have plenty of case reviews up soon! We also can’t wait for more accessories to come out for the iPad Mini.
  10. This is way too overpriced. The 16GB iPad Mini model should have cost $229, not $329.
  11. Your kids will want it. We have already observed kids begging their parents for one because it fits in their hands so well.

Conclusion So Far

The iPad Mini is another great Apple device, but it’s way overpriced. So if you’re not locked into the Apple eco-system, and you’re looking for a similarly sized tablet, then you’re probably better off checking out the Nexus 7 or the Nook HD instead. So unless you’ve been waiting for a more travel friendly device, current iPad owners need not apply for the iPad Mini.

The Good: So much lighter and more portable than the iPad 4 / 3, iOS 6 and the App Store continues to rule with tablet apps, great battery life, and solid performance.

The Bad: Overpriced, display is a total let-down, and it could be a bit peppier.


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