iPhone App of the Week: Blux Camera Offers a New Way to Take Photos

It’s pretty hard to make a new and exciting camera app, but Blux Camera manages by throwing in an efficient, attractive interface and an intelligent assistant that can aid in taking optimal photos.

The interface is very simple, but remains feature-rich. Swiping to the center from all four sides of the screen will pull out various features and settings. Swiping from the right pulls out different textures and effects on a scroll wheel, while swiping from the left pulls out wheels for adjusting settings like brightness and saturation. Swiping from the top brings up an options menu, while swiping from the bottom allows you to browse through pictures you’ve already taken. You can also pull up composition lines on the screen in order to frame your shot.

P.E.A.R. – Photographic Environment Analysis and Recommendation – scans whatever is in your viewfinder, and uses GPS to pinpoint your location. Combining that information with the time of day, P.E.A.R. makes recommendations about what kinds of effects to use or how much to adjust certain settings. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can also choose Blux mode, which throws together a random assortment of effect and settings for your next picture.

Blux Camera will normally be $2.99, but for right now, it’s available on the iTunes App Store for $0.99.

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