iPhone App of the Week: Lookout Pops a Signal Flare for Your Lost Phone

Lookout, a free app dedicated to helping smartphone owners find and recover their lost smartphones, has just an added an extra piece of functionality to make the already pretty handy app a little more attractive.

The first attempt at finding a lost phone is usually to try calling it. Sometimes, that ends with the call going straight to voicemail, coupled with the churning dread that that means the smartphone is dead and so, too, is any hope of finding it anytime soon.

Signal Flare is an option that can be turned on within the latest update to the Lookout app, and looks to solve the problem of the lost dead phone. If the option is turned on, the app will record your location on www.lookout.com when your phone is running low on battery power. Should you lose your phone after it runs out of juice, you’ll be able to log onto the site and see the last location your phone was in before it lost battery power completely. It’s not bulletproof, but it gives you a much better chance at finding a lost phone than the alternative – nothing.

Lookout, now with Signal Flare, is available for free on the iTunes App Store.

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