JBL SoundFly Air Takes on Beats Pill and Jambox

At first blush, the JBL SoundFly Air seems like it would be a good competitor to the great Beats Pill and the Jambox. JBL is known for high sound quality, and the small size of the SoundFly seems to suggest that it would be a quality portable speaker.

That’s why it’s a little puzzling that, despite being so small, the SoundFly Air is anything but portable. It’ll need to be connected to a wall outlet to function – the product description seems to suggest that the SoundFly Air lacks battery power altogether. Other than that, it looks like it could be a great speaker for its size – the SoundFly Air will provide 20 watts of amplification, and JBL claims it excels across the entire spectrum of sound. The SoundFly Air is designed specifically for iOS devices, which can connect to it over Wi-Fi using AirPlay.

It just seems odd that small size would be made such a priority for a non-mobile device. Not to say that people aren’t interested in space-saving gadgets, but it’s a little strange that such a small device would lack mobility altogether.

The JBL SoundFly Air is selling now from JBL’s website for about $200.

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