How Many LEGO Bricks Would it Take to Build Your House?

That’s the question this little browser app from Movoto Real Estate seeks to answer. The calculator asks for your home’s square footage and the number of stories in your house, and spits out the answer in terms of 2 x 4 peg LEGO bricks and money required to put up your own LEGO abode.

The calculator reaches its answer by taking the dimensions of a standard 2 x 4 peg LEGO brick – .26 x .62 x 1.22 inches – and calculating how many would be required to fill one standard home-building brick (the bigger, older cousin of the LEGO brick, if you will). With that number set at 359, the calculator takes your square footage and number of stories, and works its magic. Now, if you ever wind up with a million or two dollars that you can burn through with no problem, you’ll know exactly what to do with it.

Just don’t let your kids have a hand in the design, or I guarantee there are going to be hidden trap doors and dungeons all over the place. Kids are devious when they get their hands on those LEGOs.

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