MaKey MaKey Turns Potatoes into Game Controllers

If GLaDOS hated her potato form before, she’ll be even more spiteful once she gets relegated to being a controller.

The new MaKey MaKey system allows you to turn virtually anything into a controller. It comes with a special cpntroller board, six crocodile clips, and six connection cables. The board connects to your computer, and is recognized as a peripheral gamepad. From there, you can hook up the cables from the board to whatever you want – potatoes, bananas, Play-Doh, stairs, your little brother – whatever you can think of. Interacting with the thing connected to the gamepad will activate the corresponding button.

Since the whole system is an elaborate gamepad, you can use it on tons of games, but it’s best for simple flash games, since there are only six cables, and thus six buttons available. As demonstrated in the video on the product page, it’ll make Dance Dance Revolution sessions a whole lot more interesting.

The MaKey MaKey set is selling on Firebox now for about $64.

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