Michael Phelps-inspired Tracks HD Anthem Headphones Give Back to Charity

The new Anthem Tracks HD Headphones from SOL Republic are taking Olympian red, white and blue cues from Michael Phelps, and are giving back to charity while they’re at it.

The headphones feature a removeable, interchangeable headband that is made of a polymer that is being touted as nigh-indestructible. An in-line microphone and remote compatible with most mobile devices is also included. Cash from sales of the special edition headphones will go to the Michael Phelps Foundation, which was set up to promote swimming and health, particularly with youth, and has worked with the Boys & Girls Club in the past.

The Anthem Tracks HD Headphones are available for about $150. If you order a pair before November 28, you’ll be entered into a contest to win a free SOL Republic T-shirt, which I guess is a little underwhelming for a sweepstakes prize, but gift horses and mouths and all that good stuff.

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