Motorola Droid Maxx Review (Verizon Wireless)

The Motorola Droid RAZR Maxx was announced along side the Droid RAZR M and RAZR HD, and now that it’s finally landed in stores we have gotten a chance to put it to the test. The RAZR Maxx carries over the same great features of the RAZR M and RAZR HD, but ups the ante with an amazing battery life.

Under the hood and software-wise, the RAZR MAXX is pretty much identical to the RAZR M that we previously reviewed. That means it’s packing in a speedy dual-core processor, and support for Verizon’s LTE network. That also means that the RAZR MAXX has the same quite good, but not amazing camera that the RAZR M has.

However, unlike the Droid RAZR M, the RAZR MAXX shares the same amazing display that the RAZR HD has. This 4.7-inch HD AMOLED screen display packs in a 1280 x 720 resolution with ColorBoost technology.The display is a very good display with vivid colors. Unfortunately, when comparing it side by side with the new HTD DROID DNA, the Droid DNA takes the HD Display crown home with its 1080P display and amazing 440 PPI. That is not to say that you won’t be happy with the RAZR MAXX’s display, because it’s still a knock out.

But undisputedly the RAZR MAXX really shines when it comes to battery life. Thanks to its 3,300 mAH battery, combined with Motorola’s smart actions features, we experienced a battery life of 19 hours with significant use throughout the day! That is the longest we have ever seen on an Android Smartphone. This extra capacity battery comes at the expense of a a little more girth than the RAZR HD, but measuring 9.3mm, the RAZR MAXX still feels plenty skinny to hold. And thanks to its DuPont KEVLAR fiber and a splash-guard coating materials that is complimented by gorilla glass, the Maxx offers a truly premium build quality.


All in all, the Motorola Droid Maxx HD offers a great amount of power, without much sacrifice. And while we’re not exactly in love with Motorola’s U.I. overlay for Android, the inclusion of smart actions for optimizing battery life is welcome. Also its 4.7″ HD AMOLED screen display with ColorBoost is excellent with vivid colors that won’t disappoint. And like its brethren, the MAXX offers a premium build quality that will last. If you’re a Verizon customer whose looking for a phone with a quality build, great performance, and amazing battery life, you can’t go wrong with the Droid Maxx HD. The Motorola Droid Maxx HD retails for $299 at Verizon with contract, but it can be found for as low as $49.99 on contract at Amazon.

The Good: Truly amazing battery life for a device in its class, all around great performer, very good display, premium build quality and HDMI out

The Bad: Design feels a bit boxy and seems a bit masculine and  battery is not removable

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