Nanoblock Toy Digital Camera is LEGO Inspired

Nanoblocks are knock-offs of the classic LEGO brand, on a smaller scale. But, being a knock-off doesn’t always mean there’s a lack of creativity.

The newest Nanoblock set is a real, working digital camera, which is small enough to be able to convert into a USB Flash drive on the fly. Each set comes with a bunch of nanoblocks in two different colors, which you can use to build around the tiny camera in any way you choose. Want a camera shaped like a dog? Here’s your chance. The camera itself has a 2 MP sensor, and up to 16 GB worth of photos or video can be saved to a MicroSD card. The camera is charged via USB, and can take up to 60 minutes of video on a single full charge. There’s also a detachable viewfinder included in every set.

Nanoblocks are actually based in the United States, but the company making the mini camera at the heart of this playset is Fuuvi, making this one a Japanese import. The Nanoblock Toy Digital Camera is selling from Japan Trend Shop for $122 – $107 for the camera, plus $15 for shipping. The set comes in black/orange, white/gray, red/blue, yellow/pink, and blue/green. If you happen to have Nanoblocks of your own, you can always add those to your new camera, too.

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