Nike+ Kinect Training for Xbox 360 Review: Your Personal Trainer Has Arrived

Are your ready to break a sweat in your living room? Well Nike+ Kinect Training for Xbox 360 is going to get you in shape, whether you like it or not. While many enjoy going to the gym and sweating it out on a treadmill or bicycle, there are those that prefer a good workout at home without the judgments of onlookers. And for those people who prefer to workout at home, Nike+ Kinect Training is an ideal workout companion. Nike has gone great lengths to define themselves as a brand that not only sells pricey sneakers, but also a brand that is serious about getting people in shape. To that effect, one of their many defining moments was the development of Nike+ , an ecosystem of connectivity that tracks your performance and monitors your NikeFuel points. This innovative way of exercising keeps all Nike gear in sync with each other and lets friends and family see your progress if you so choose. Following in the steps of Nike+, Nike+ Kinect Training is not your average video game, as this also happens to be an essential fitness tool. You won’t be jumping up and down collecting any coins to achieve your weight goals. Instead you workout with Nike master trainers: Alex Molden and Marie Purvis. These two will work you hard depending on the goals you set. Not only is this format perfect for a Kinect system, but you’ll really get to experience and unleash how precise Kinect really is as your pixel self does push-ups and squats besides these fitness leaders. Nike+ Kinect Training is a fluid experience like no other. The game is extremely sensitive and it is uncanny how the trainers know when to wait for you to get into position, stress when you are not kicking high enough, or acknowledge that you passed out (I’m kidding about the last part, but I almost did several times due too pushing myself too hard.)

One thing’s for sure – this is one serious ‘game.’ If you are looking for an intense workout that would typically cost you $100 per hour or more at gym, Nike+ Kinect Training is a great alternative. It works you just as hard any trainer and would without the monthly membership and trek to the gym. The only person who will hold you back from taking full advantage of this Kinect Training system will be yourself. You’ll have to self-motivate yourself, but I’m sure once you start to feel your endurance levels go up and that muffin top shrink away, you’ll be playing… I mean exercising, more often. Who said playing video games is bad for you? Nike+ Kinect Training for Xbox 360 retails for $49.99 on Amazon.

The Good: Offers a great full body exercise program that gives you results if you stick with it. A lot cheaper than a personal trainer for those on a budget.

The Bad: Self-motivation is key to coming back for more. Will require lots of room in front of your TV, so small studio apartments probably won’t be suitable.

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  1. Had the game a few weeks now, and so far I’ve been going to the gym less and staying in the same kind of shape.

    Pros : Really customizable, keeps you accountable and gives you competition to be motivated. Really good soundtrack that has a nice mix of good famous and lesser-known artists (some highlights include “Say Yeah” by Shapes of Cars, “Unstopabble” by Minutes Til Midnight” and “Under Control” by Rootbeer)

    Cons: Nothing can totally replace the real gym experience and the peer pressure I feel to perform in front of real actual people. Keeps you in the house more.

    So, no, it won’t replace a gym membership, but I think it’s a great supplement so far and it’s way easier to stay disciplined with this than going to the gym. We’ll see how long this keeps up but so far im really liking it

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