Android App of the Week: Nova Launcher Prime is an Alternate Home Screen for Android Phones

Nova Launcher Prime adds to the free Nova Launcher, giving Android users a fresh take on the home screen. Prime allows you to resize widgets based on a grid, so you can get them down to exactly how you want them. The standout features are an app drawer, which allows you to hide any unwanted icons from your home screen in a separate folder, and gesture controls, which can activate different phone functions. In fact, you can hide really unwanted apps from that drawer, too, though at that point, maybe you can just delete them? As for gesture control, you can set the launcher to open up the app drawer upon swiping your finger from left to right. Prime also adds unread count badges for SMS, phone calls, and Gmail.

This paid version adds more features to the free version, so you’ll need to have the free version already on your phone in order to use Nova Launcher Prime. Nova Launcher Prime is selling for $4.00 on Google Play.

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