Don’t You Call My iPhone a Pinhead

I don’t know if I’m totally down with the name Pinhead, because when I think of Pinhead, I think of ’80s horror movies and a guy with hundreds of needles stuck in his face. I’m not sure that’s an image I would want to associate with my smartphone.

Fortunately, this Pinhead is not from some ghastly alternate universe. He’s a little figurine without a head – that’s where your iDevice comes in. Any Apple device with a 30-pin connector can be attached to Pinhead – a big head if you use an iPhone, and reasonable proportions if you stick your Nano on there. You can also stick a USB charging cable into his rear to turn the stand into a charging station.

Best of all, it’s the only accessory we’ve seen so far where the Lightning-to-30-pin adapter wouldn’t be a total eyesore – you could just pass it off as Pinhead’s neck. Pinhead doesn’t actually do much besides sit there and keep your phone upright, but if you’re intrigued, you can get one for yourself for about $20.

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