The Most Awesome Pumpkin Ever – Pumpktris

The bar has been raised almost impossibly high for Halloween pumpkin carving. I’m really not sure anyone is going to be able to top Pumpktris for a long, long time.

Pumpktris, at first glance, looks like a Tetris-themed pumpkin, but it’s not. It’s far more. It’s a pumpkin that you can actually play Tetris on.

Over on HaHa Bird, you can read through the amazing process of wiring, soldering, coding, and Halloween wizardry involved in the creation of Pumpktris. A total of 128 LED lights were wired together in a matrix, then stuck into the back of what appears to be one of the most meticulously carved pumpkins ever. A game of Tetris was then manually coded onto a prototyping board and stuffed into the pumpkin along with the LED light matrix. The pumpkin stem was then sawed off and fitted with a screw, which was then attached to a controller board to turn the stem into a joystick.

The site goes into more detail about how this piece of Halloween magic was created, but suffice it to say that, at the end of the process, there was a completely functional game of Tetris using a pumpkin as an arcade cabinet. Where do we go from here? I don’t know, but maybe we can look for a port of Pong to the hottest new video game console in time for Halloween 2013.

Via HaHa Bird

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