Quincy Jones AKG Q 460 On-Ear Headphones Review

Plenty of celebrities are popping out headphones with their names on them these days, but few of them can offer the years of experience and know-how like music industry powerhouse legend, Quincy Jones can. The Q 460 On-Ear Headphones we tested are truly transporting and indicative of the creator’s decades spent in a producer’s chair. After all, one doesn’t get 79 Grammy nominations without picking up a few things.


The design of these are enormously comfortable. Often overlooked in headphones are the headband itself. Not here. The top is cushioned the same as the ears making for such a lightweight experience, that there is virtually no pull whatsoever. Both sides are adjustable and only one side has an input for the cable, making tangles less likely. It’s really easy to appreciate how enveloping these are in sound quality without being enormous in size. This is really an advantage over current headphones on the market right now. These do the job nicely at just about the size of a large lime. Speaking of lime, it comes in three color combos: white with lime accents (pictured), black with lime accents, and lime with black accents.


Goodbye ambient noise. Be careful when you wear these because you really will have a hard time hearing anything going on around you. The highs sound crisp and delicious and the lows bounce and boom the way they do in a concert hall. Technically speaking, they use a 40mm high-excursion driver for high output and 99.99% oxygen-free cables. Trying to switch to a standard pair of earbuds after these is like having a wine cooler after Dom Perignon, flat, empty, and disappointing. The immersive listening experience of these really outweigh the extra space.


These fold up nice for easy travel and even come with a travel case for safe keeping. Speaking of travel, a thoughtful inclusion that also reflects the mindset of a traveling music producer is the flight adapter, as well as a 2.5mm adapter for older Blackberry devices and a 6.3mm adapter for home electronic systems.

These are smartphone and especially iPhone friendly with an in-line three button remote control for music playback control and on the reverse side an in-line microphone. This means ease of use on iPhones, where one can transition between songs and phone calls with just the remote.


Quincy Jones attached his name to these for a reason and I wouldn’t doubt that these are what you’d see on his head in first class anytime. The Q 460 On-Ear Headphones are stylish, comfortable, offer incredible audio, and are well thought-out. The extras included make this package a deal and travel must for budget-consciences audiophiles at $139.95.

The Good: Everything, Sound is amazing, design is comfortable and travel/iPhone friendly

The Bad: A bit pricey, not the most attractive or stylish headphones around

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